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Welcome to the registration site for TechBrick Education, a 501(c)(3) non-profit operating in northeast Maryland

We are a community-oriented non-profit providing 1st-12th grade students robotics and engineering learning opportunities through hands-on student-led teams, multiple levels of FIRST competition, and STEM outreach demonstrations.

TechBrick Education currently has 3 types of programs.


- For elementary and middle school students, we sponsor FIRST Lego League teams. These include FLL Discover (Pre-K - 1st grade), FLL Explore (Grades 2-4), and FLL Challenge (Grades 4-8)

Teams meet in various places as possible (TBD for the 21-22 year)

- For upper middle school and high school, we sponsor mid-sized robotics, which includes a year-long program and FIRST Tech Challenge. Students work in small teams on small to mid-size robot challenges.

Teams meet at Building 3556 at Aberdeen Proving Ground North

- For advanced high school students, we sponsor a program focused on work on large-format robotics, also over an entire school year.  By participating in FIRST Robotics Challenge, students work on a larger team using more specialized skills and fabrication methods.

Team meets at Building 3556 at Aberdeen Proving Ground North.

See each program page for more information


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This season students will learn how cargo is transported, sorted, and delivered

to its destinations.

(grades K-8 / ages 4-14)

FIRST ® Tech Challenge

Teams will race against time to transport hard-to-move essential goods as they

explore the future of transporting relief to those in need.

(grades 7-12 / ages 12-18)

FIRST® Robotics Competition

Teams will be challenged to reimagine the future of safe, high-speed travel and

lightning-fast deliveries through innovative engineering, creative thinking and

teamwork. (grades 9-12 / ages 14-18)